Learn Effective Oral Health Habits

Improve your oral health with the help of Victoria George DDS. Maintaining the appearance of your teeth and overall oral health starts with proper hygiene. Good everyday care is crucial, and the best way to learn how to develop the right technique is to ask your dental professional. Even though there is a standard approach to brushing and flossing, you will be surprised by how it can be customized for you.


It is hard to underestimate the importance of proper oral hygiene and its significant role in the prevention of tooth and gum pathology. We emphasize prevention, healthy habits, and lifestyle rather than treatment and correction. If it is possible to avoid a problem, we would rather work with you to help you stay healthy.

Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and gums. Gently press against the gum, so the tips of the bristles go in between the gum and the teeth. Then apply lateral vibration a few times and roll down the brush to sweep the plaque away from the teeth and the gum. Repeat this motion several times and move on to the next area of 2 to 3 teeth. If your mouth is full of foam, spit and continue brushing. Your brushing is completed when you have cleaned all the surfaces of your teeth.

On chewing surfaces, short strokes will work best to get the plaque out of the grooves and pits. Also, when brushing the front teeth from the inside, hold your brush vertically to be able to reach the teeth better.

As far as frequency of brushing is concerned, ideally you want to brush your teeth after each meal. But if you can't, brush at least twice a day after breakfast and before going to bed.


The surfaces that are between teeth are not accessible to brush. Therefore, the best way to clean them is by flossing. The frequency of flossing is like brushing — ideally after each meal, though one time a day (before going to bed) is the minimum necessary. And do not forget about your tongue — it can be a home for many bacterial species that may be the source of bad breath, and should be cleaned with a tongue-scraper at every brushing.